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Sunday, May 24, 2009

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GoDaddy’s web hosting packages come loaded with a ton of features that are all user friendly. GoDaddy is proud of their world class data center and physical services, and with good reason. GoDaddy actually owns their hosting facilities, which feature state of the art security and advanced backup technology for complete and competent network servers.This is a sure sign of a quality web host provider.

Each GoDaddy hosting plan comes with web site statistic tools to help you keep an eye on how each of your hosted pages are performing. Setup is completely free, and includes access to the Hosting Connection, this is where you can interact with other GoDaddy users and find free applications to use on your web site. This is an incredible resource.

Each GoDaddy hosting plan also comes with a variety of free software and credits to help you get the word out on your site. The Deluxe plan that we reviewed includes a $25 Google AdWord credit, a $50 Microsoft adCenter credit, and a $50 Facebook credit.

GoDaddy provides other tools as well for further adding function to your site. You can host forums on your GoDaddy website, start a blog, show off your photos and more. Additionally, while GoDaddy doesn’t include a free shopping cart, they do have e-commerce solutions available, including merchant accounts and the Quick Shopping Cart.

Programming / Multimedia:

GoDaddy helps beginners easily set up their site, and includes additional tools for advanced developers to work with. GoDaddy additionally offers a variety of professional site building services and designs for an additional fee. Regardless, all GoDaddy solutions support several programming languages. The deluxe plan we reviewed supports CGI (Python and Ruby), PHP, Perl, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion, and FrontPage extensions.

Most functions within the Account Management tool are similar to other control panels that you find with other web hosts. Additionally, with you can perform account management tasks such as email management, web security management, database setup and management, and managing your statistic tools.

Support & Service: has a variety of help and support options available for their customers and they are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The online support forum and FAQs section are well organized and contain an immense amount of knowledge for beginners and advanced users alike.

GoDaddy service representatives can additonally be by phone, or through email. GoDaddy is a large company with several thousand users, so personal help would be expectedly slower than others although I have been quite satisfied. GoDaddy’s support team is quick to respond, and the expected response time for emails has significantly decreased I first signed up with them.


GoDaddy is a strong competitor and a quality web hosting service that I highly suggest you look at when choosing a web host. They provide all the essential tools thatyou will need to create a quality website and much more, complete with secure facilities. The setup process is easy to follow even for a novice, and GoDaddy has an option for all levels of management, from beginner to expert. A quality web hosting company at a reasonable price!

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